Rose Petroleum plc

Why Invest in Rose Petroleum?

Location/ Geology / Valuable assets

Rose Petroleum is a diversified natural resources production and exploration company with a focus on three strategic areas:

Oil & Gas Assets: Predominantly spanning the Paradox basin in Utah, USA we are targeting the Paradox Clastics. During 2014, Ryder Scott completed a reserve report on our acreage which concluded that the Mean Un-Risked Recoverable Prospective Resources were over 1.1 billion barrels of oil and around 2.2 trillion cubic feet of gas. Under the previous ownership of Fidelity Exploration and Production the area was actively exploited. As the most active operator in the Paradox basin over recent years, Fidelity has successfully drilled oil historically. Rose believes the optimal strategy to unlock value will be to undertake a 3D seismic shoot for drill target identification, targeting high natural fracturing areas followed by drilling.

Natural Resources: Rose has a 100% owned Crushing and Floatation SDA Mill in Mexico which is currently toll mining. Recent results confirm its processed tonnage has been sufficient to cover all direct mill operating costs, it also provides a useful cash flow to the group. With market conditions for gold projects looking more positive, Rose is exploring Joint-Venture opportunities to further supplement this cash flow.

Gypsum Cuba: This is the most recent initiative for Rose which has involved establishing Rose Gypsum as a new subsidiary. The focus is on participating in a competitive and exhaustive tender process to manufacture calcined gypsum, interior panels, ceiling panels and other related gypsum materials. If successful, Rose will become the sole manufacturer of these products operating in Cuba and should be well placed to benefit from growth in tourism and construction in the country.

Strong Management Team

Rose’s oil & gas team has over a half century of combined oil & gas experience both in North America as well as abroad. This experience includes the successful drilling and completion of the first two horizontal shale wells in the EU as well as the successful acquisition, exploration and development of over 1.2 million acres in the U.S.  Our team has analysed over 150 shale plays across the globe and is particularly enthused by its Paradox Basin assets. Following a strategic review of our asset base we are wholly focused on maximising potential.

Political Awareness

We understand the public and political repercussions of issues in this area not being handled sensitively. Before we apply for any licences, we run a full political check-up. With operations in the USA, Mexico and Cuba we are experienced operators in a number of legal jurisdictions.

Finance and Administration

The financial and administrative skills of the team are very strong and well placed to deliver on our business plans.


Our small size gives us a distinct advantage. We can move quicker than the oil majors because our administrative process is simpler, combined with our expertise in the above areas. We have no large committees and lengthy internal application processes. The management team have great confidence in the Group’s asset base and remain optimistic about the prospects for future growth and profitability from the portfolio.